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World of Drum and Bass

As part of World of Drum & Bass 2013 Tour, DJ Cabbie was in Las Vegas and chatted with our host dj/producer Chris Aurelius about the popularity of DnB worldwide, what it will take to play DnB on the Vegas strip, new releases and more… DJ Cabbie, London-based DnB artist has been joining the tour with DJ SS and Blokhe4d in 2013, Vegas was very happy to have them all. EDM Nightlife also conducted an interview with DJ SS & Skibba Dee and Wicked Wednesday
The event was held at The Underworld Grill & Bar, promoted by Wicked Wednesday crew and Konkrete Jungle Las Vegas.

Over the past several years, DJ Cabbie has firmly established himself as one of the leading production masterminds in Drum & Bass music. His uplifting and bass heavy tracks have provided the dance floor masses with an excuse to skank out all over the world, gracing some of the most prolific labels in the industry and reinforcing his dominance within the jump up genre.

Having been introduced to electronic music in the 1990’s, a time which saw rave tape packs flood playgrounds and car parks all over London, instilling in the generation a new sense of identity through the jungle influenced tracks; his growing passion for music eventually led to studio master classes with Jungle pioneer Bizzy B, after responding to a magazine advert about music production.


Cabbie deserted his college studies in order to concentrate on music full time, spending hours in the East London studios perfecting his technical skills, which under the watchful eye and guidance of Bizzy, saw him master music production from the early days using Akai samplers, outboard synthesisers and an Atari. Working as a sound engineer for a number of years, enabled him to further master his production skills and technological knowledge by refining and enhancing the production ideas of others. This experience was priceless and proved nothing but beneficial in his quest for the big time.

Cabbie soon turned his attention to pirate radio, initially performing on Flex with the late MC Kendo before moving to Ruud Awakening and finally securing a slot with the ultimate pirate radio station, London’s pioneering and multi award winning Kool FM. During the eight years that he spent playing on Kool, Cabbie continued to build his reputation as a dance floor dominator.

His relentless productions and uncompromising sound has received critical acclaim from all over the world ensuring every respectable DJ keeps a track of his in their bags. With support from BBC Radio 1, Kiss FM, Mistajam, Grooverider and the Godfather of Drum and Bass himself, DJ Hype to name but a few, Cabbie’s sound and performance have made him production force to be reckoned with. Headlining countless raves all over Europe and unleashing the beast of bass at London’s Ministry of Sound and Fabric, his tracks and performances can keep ravers going until sunrise.

DJ Cabbie’s back catalogue can boast releases on major labels such as Moving Shadow, Chronic, Timeless and the truly exceptional Ganja, demonstrating his varied and diverse talent. Now fronting his own label Pollution Records and with big plans for the New Year, Cabbie is destined to shape the future of Drum and Bass music.

Below is DJ Cabbie on Soundcloud:

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  1. Deep thought! Thanks for coiiunbrttng.

  2. An incredible experience for a young lady. While it’s hard to say anything that will assuage her disappointment after getting so far, those of us who have been around know that the experience is almost as important as the prize. She now knows she can do anything she puts her mind to. This is also a testimonial to good parenting. Way to go!

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