Being unique in the electronic music industry is an increasing challenge, but this doesn’t seem to phase AMERA, an innovative trio hailing out of Los Angeles. Not only do they travel between genres effortlessly, but they perform it LIVE. In their recent video directed by Samuel De Angelis, we witness a wave of jazz introduction, suddenly livened by a drum and bass beat, and the fusion takes off. The music video is stylish but simple, showing off the live performance element many producers lack today. Not that everyone should play shows live, but among those that do, this group does it well. While lead vocalist Brooke Adams carries us through a lovely cavalcade of verses, Mikael Oganes uses a grand piano in unimaginable ways and Donovan Butez provides atmospheric guitar melody and it all just makes sense.

AMERA cites influences such as Tool, Korn, Teebee and Noisia which comes through in their production quality. Though their bios are impressive individually, having them in one group seems like a mad science experiment, but that’s what makes a great sound: a unique mixture. They nailed the look and feel of an alternative band with a modern twist, there isn’t much to critique negatively here. The sound mastering is great quality, it must be a challenge to sweeten this kind of musical palette. From the deep, distorted rolling bass lines to the snares and high pitch vocals, it’s crisp.

Their recent, self titled EP – AMERA – features six distinctly different tracks, released August 1st 2017. It’s an epic journey from start to finish, slowly easing into a dramatic climax, finishing with a punch! It’s like listening to a story unfold, the variety is excellent! Slow, melodic and soft at times (“Connected”) but bass heavy and epic at others (“Yours and Mine”). It’s simply amazing and leaves you with wanting more!

You can find the EP on iTunes and listen on Bandcamp, among others. Even better, just check out their website for more info and live shows near you!


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