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  • Interview with Dieselboy

    Interview with Dieselboy

    In this quick interview with Dieselboy, EDM Nightlife producer Victor Savelle asks him about the difference between European and US EDM scenes, the effect of Skrillex’s success and his take on the difference between inboard and outboard gear. Credits: Camera Op: Anthony Lopez – Animation: Victor Savelle, Aaron Bataluer – Editing: Victor Savelle – Music: Dieselboy // Mix of Various […]

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  • Interview with Dara

    Interview with Dara

    Dara has been defining the drum and bass culture since its early ages, we asked him some valid questions about the EDM scene and D&B last time he came through Las Vegas. The event was produced by the Las Vegas arm of Konkrete Jungle and Wicked Wednesday crew, many thanks for having EDM Nightlife out there. Our host/dj/music producer Chris […]

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  • Interview with Tasha of Konkrete Jungle LV

    Interview with Tasha of Konkrete Jungle LV

    Konkrete Jungle Las Vegas founder – Tasha aka Prime Mover November 10th, 1994 in New York city, Konkrete Jungle was born and spread over to all major areas of the US and went World-wide. Tasha aka. Prime Mover has kicked off the Las Vegas arm of Konkrete Jungle in 2007. Our host Chris Aurelius talks with Tasha, we get some […]

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