The Oddworld – Rider [Free Download]

EDM Nightlife Track Review: “The Rider” by The Oddworld duo sparked a good feel with me, an eerie melody that hits because of it’s simple progression, sharp notes and precise timing. I can totally do the robot dance to this, in a good way. At 3 minutes and 30 seconds, the journey is quick and to-the-point, it would most likely fit into a DJ set somewhere towards the second hour, if you’re going for a quick funky surprise, at least for me it would make sense. The name of this duo (The Oddworld) instantly brought up a video game reference with me. Though I’m not sure if it was intentional, the playfulness goes into their name well. Look out for more tracks from The Oddworld, this one is for free, so grab it today! – Victor Savelle of EDM Nightlife

About the release:

The Oddworld - Rider Cover
The Oddworld – Rider Cover

The word is out! The guys from The Oddword and BDMNR are joining forces to bring you their first official release on BDMNR.

The Belgium based duo The Oddword, consisting of Yili Engels and Boy Kortekaas. The Oddword can be described as a raw electronic bass act. Combining the raw edgy-ness with electro, bass and technically sound beats.

One of their big successes over the years is definitely ‘Fire’ from the Fire EP. Which was released on Mahtrasher Record in 2011, almost hitting over de 100K on YouTube.

‘Rider’ is the first free download on BDMNR from the guys but definitely won’t be the last one. Be on the lookout for The Oddword and whole line up of electro smashers coming up for ya!

The Oddword
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