The End – Las Vegas DJ Awards

The EndThere are many venues in Las Vegas that cater to DJs and parties of all sorts off the strip, but not many go to the extent “The End Grill and Bar” goes to give back to artists. March 22nd 2014 marks the date of the first annual “The End – Las Vegas DJ Awards” show, presented by venue managers Kristy and Jazz and produced by EDM Nightlife.

What’s the big idea? Since “The End”‘s opening, many have come to attend, many organized events and played, from local EDM producers to international superstars (DJ SS, Freaky Flow, Cabbie, Dara, etc). The management felt that showcasing the diverse local talent in a form of an awards show would be a good idea. This goes beyond slapping people’s names on a piece of paper: there are 13 categories, from musical styles to “Best DJ Event” and categories like “Best Showmanship” with six (6) nominees in each.

So this is just another party? No, it’s a full blown Awards Show. EDM Nightlife teamed up with The End management to provide a high quality experience and good entertainment hosting for the ceremony. Chris Aurelius is hosting the show and our very own hostess, Saturn Superstar will co-host and present the nominees with a nice award. All the winners will be interviewed after the ceremony and EDM Nightlife will feature a highlight video on EDM Nightlife Show.

The End - Las Vegas DJ Awards - Voting Ballot
Categories and Nominees

There are nominees, so who votes? YOU! It’s simple, you visit “The End” (4821 Spring Mountain Rd STE G Las Vegas, Nevada 89102) any day of the week and fill out your ballot. You can also vote the night of the event, how convenient. I can already hear some of you asking: “Why isn’t there an online voting ballot?” Since this is the first award show the venue has organized, they decided to make sure all votes are 100% accurate and there is no room for cheaters. Online voting may be combined with local ballots in the future, but this is not (just) about popularity, but also true quality and attention to detail as an artist or promoter. Online votes can also be cheated easy, versus you signing your name next to the votes.

We asked venue owner Kristy Kaos about the event, here is what he commented:

“This event will be a success if all the DJs that play here walk away knowing that “The End” and many fans appreciate the work they put in.. We tried to include as many artist as possible based on the numbers and info we’ve gained in the club, anybody that wasn’t nominated certainly should know that I appreciated their work as well, and there’s always next year! This year you can only vote in person at the club but hopefully next year it will be online as well.. All nominees will recieve something and 1 winner from each category as well..”
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It would be nice to see other popular local Las Vegas venues going to this extent to admire DJs and promoters. After all, these are the people who work hard bringing music, people and great vibes to venues and most of the time, they are forgotten.

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