The Buildzer Ft. Nah and Coppa – Goes Off

A great blend of rap vs. track, the first two things that come to mind when hearing The Buildzer’s “Goes Off”, featuring “Nah” and “Coppa”, released on High Scream Records February 2nd, 2014. The music video is a work of art, production and entertainment value: top notch. It’s refreshing to hear this glitch hop track originating from the Italian scene, our overseas friends have the sound locked down. Keep your eyes on The Buildzer if you haven’t already, every release is worth listening to from him! We’d love to see a collaboration with Virus Syndicate, as their styles may fuse well.


The Buildzer

More about “The Buildzer”

The Buildzer is an Italian dnb and dubstep producer, haling from Sicily. He has been producing music for 10 years and has been working for 8 years in one of the biggest broadcasting companies in Italy that owns Radio 105, Virgin Radio Italy and Radio Montecarlo, as sound engineer. He produces various kinds of electronic music, mainly dubstep, hip-hop, dnb and breakbeat.

In the last two years he has been involved by Universal Music in one of the most important hip-hop projects in Italy called “Marracash” as beat-maker, that has been awarded the Golden Record twice. The Buildzer has been the very first producer in Italy to bring dubstep to a Major Label!

Other recent important collaborations are the official remix of “Fuck the System” by Cyberpunkers.

His first release on new-label High Scream Records, called “4EVA”, was released on March 12th 2012 and has reached #2 on Track It Down Dubstep Top 100 Chart in less than a week, staying in the Top 5 for more than a month!

His second release on High Scream Records, called “I Love U” has hit # 1 on Track It Down Dubstep Top 100 Chart less than a week after release date

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