#SuperTab50 Live from Ministry of Sound


Since the first broadcast of SuperTab Radio in 2011, Finnish DJ/production duo Super8 & Tab have delivered the freshest trance and progressive tracks to your home speakers every month. Now, three years and 50 episodes later, the masterminds behind hits like ‘Empire,’ ‘The Way You Want,’ ‘Your Secret’s Safe,’ ‘Helsinki Scorchin’ and many more will broadcast episode 50 live from the legendary Ministry of Sound in London on Friday, January 24. #SuperTab50

Listen to all past episodes of SuperTab Radio 

With a stellar lineup for the Anjunabeats 2014 Opening Party that also includes Jaytech, Ilan Bluestone, and Boom Jinx, you don’t have to fly to the UK to make this show—afterhours.fm will stream it from midnight to 6am GMT (7pm – 1am EST)! Tune in at AH.FM on your digital device or at ah.fm/player.

Wherever you’re joining the party from, make sure to hashtag #SuperTab50 on Twitter during the broadcast and chat with the artists as they give you glimpses of backstage shenanigans, views from the booth and answer your questions!

For more information or to set up an interview with Super8 & Tab, please contact Erin Osovets at erin@theory-x.com.


  1. Ministry of Sound

    Xmas has come early to Ministry of Sound TV! Warm up your speakers for our
    Winter Mix 🙂

  2. The start is really chill. Awesome.

  3. Finally, The winter Mix, My speakers are so warm now;)

  4. billyisawsome100

    listen to the summer mix daily, hope this is as good 🙂

  5. Xmas has come early to Ministry of Sound TV! Warm up your speakers for our
    Winter Mix 🙂

  6. Victoria Zimmerman

    love this

  7. who made this!? it is preaty well done! music is just great and very very
    great mixed! congrats!!

  8. whats the firts song please..

  9. so fucking delicious !!!

  10. Ha…..gaayy!!

  11. Mis bocinas van a explotar de Mùsica tan exquisita…. ohh

  12. Me gusta HOUSE!

  13. see you lan

  14. this is lovely beat 😉

  15. pure garbage


  17. Get your morning groove on!

  18. Anyone know what Winter Mix from 2002 that featured “We’re in Heaven” with
    DJ Sammy? Been looking for the name for a year after I lost the 2 CD

  19. Please dig on this

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