Sir Sly – Gold (Betablock3r Remix)

The Betablock3r team pull off a superb remix of Sir Sly’s track titled “Gold”. The Electronica/Funk/Grindcore group takes the original song (here) and spins an energetic and melodic feel into the otherwise ballad style track by Sir Sly. The release is getting recognition on YouTube and iTunes for a good reason; this track is simply awesome. Cadillac (yes, the car manufacturer) featured a re-edit of the remix in their “2014 Summer Sale Special” commercial, which was released on a national level, it is safe to say that millions have heard the song already.

BETABLOCK3RThe most impressive remixes to me are the ones that completely re-invent a song. This remix is one of those. The tempo works out better than the original (though I heard the remix first), there are new brake downs, solos and everything. I don’t know if the “acapellas” were the only thing used (I assume so, since none of the music sounds similar to Sir Sly’s original) but there is even a section after the drop that is pitched an octave higher, this gives the track a great climax. Music composition is a strong point of Betablock3r crew, the proof is in the pudding. It is not easy to re-imagine a sad feel into a positive one. The engineering is strong, mastering solid, vocal work brilliant. When they needed a good repeat refrain-type 32-bar section, they added effects to the vocals and made it sound “Daft Punky”. If you really pay attention to the details, you can tell this remix was not a one night project. My digital hat off to these talented individuals…

One thing is for sure. Betablock3r is a name we should hear of more often in the future, if they keep the momentum going, I’ll be paying for a ticket to see them live and so should you.

Victor Savelle of EDM Nightlife

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