Psyko Punkz, MC Lyte, Chris Willis – This Is Your Life

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the world premiere of “This Is Your Life” by Psyko Punkz, MC Lyte and Chris Willis. A great track and an even greater message. EDM Nightlife can stand behind the meaning and content of this video 100%. Read below for details:

The day has finally come, and the word is out! Dancing Astronaut will world premiere the new video from the Psyko Punkz, ‘This Is Your Life’.

Psyko Punkz
Psyko Punkz

After several long hours and months in the studio, the boys from Psyko Punkz are happy to finally release their first single of 2014 and it’s a definite Hardstyle banger. This time around the guys recruited the American heavyweights MC Lyte and Chris Willis. Both artists made their presence felt with unique contributions to this very special collaboration, making “This Is Your Life” a perfect crossover tune. Going from Rap, Pop, Hardstyle, and with a special uplifting message behind it.

MC Lyte
MC Lyte

MC Lyte has an impressive list of hits on her resume from the 90’s to current, including the classics “Ruffneck,” “Cold Rock A Party” with Missy Elliot and “Paper Thin.” Lyte’s voice is one in a million and as of recent she has become the voice of BET, the Grammys, several major award shows and TV commercials. MC Lyte brings her flow and rap skills to the track, “This Is Your Life” takes it to another level, giving the fans something new and fresh to experience.

Chris Willis is best known for his international hits with David Guetta. His fantastic voice with a wide range, gives the track that warm feeling as if you already are familiar, even if you’ve never heard it before. Chris Willis is the voice behind the # 1 club and radio bangers like “Love Is Gone,” “Love Don’t Let Me Go (Walking Away)”, “Louder (Put Your Hands Up)” and ‘Getting Over You’ featuring LMFAO and Fergie from the Black Eyes Peas.

Chris Willis
Chris Willis

“This Is Your Life” is very uplifting, good feeling EDM that’s more than just a track. The pumping beats contain a message that will raise the awareness of drugs abuse that plays a major role in today’s mainstream society, especially amongst the youth.

‘As we looked at our repertoire from the past couple of years, we noticed a lot of tracks are about partying it all away, which totally fits the Hardstyle scene, but it’s not what we want to promote to young people all the time’ Wietse explains. ‘Since we have the opportunity to reach millions of people with our music, this is a great opportunity to help raise awareness of drug abuse and show our fans support as they may struggle through these type of rough times’.

With this idea in mind, the Psyko Punkz sent the instrumental track out to Chris Willis and MC Lyte in the hopes that they would write lyrics that fit the theme of the song. Lyte and Chris (along with co-writer, NYC rapper Cazwell) totally felt the vibe and subject matter and “This Is Your Life” was born.

After several months in the studio, making the track as perfect as it could be, “This Is Your Life” has become a true anthem for drugs awareness and life it self.

‘We hope we can reach as much as people we can with this powerful and heartfelt message that will give people the strength to make something out of their lives. Drugs or no drugs, cliché or no cliché, realize that you only live once and this is your time to shine!’, Sven says.

Psyko Punkz, MC Lyte, Chris Willis - "This Is Your Life"
Cover Art

In the video “This Is Your Life”, Directed by Steven Elbers, you see a young couple, living in the fast lane of Amsterdam City. Everything looks fine and happy but take a closer look, and you realize that the protagonist has lost control. While contemplating suicide on the rooftop, this is when it all hits him! This downward spiral has reached its limit and this is not how he had planned his life to be. Life is valuable and it’s never too late to change your it for the better. These powerful images show the transformation from living on the dark side to finding the light.

What can you expect from the Psyko Punkz this year?

2014 has started off with the guys launching their own record label Shadow Mask, which has a very promising release schedule for 2014 and on. New music collaborations with artists like Dope DOD, Rochelle Perts from Yellow Claw’s hit record ‘Shotgun’ and a bunch of other amazing artists. The guys are also working on several new remixes which will take Hardstyle to another level.

So take a look at the new video and kickstart your life with “This Is Your Life”, 2014 will be the year of the Psyko Punkz, so don’t get behind and make sure you keep up..

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