MC Agez and Dioptrics Interview

We caught these awesome artists at the King’s Room inside RIO where they performed for the Konkrete Jungle event here in Las Vegas. Check out what they had to tell Chris Aurelius is this informative interview. All the releases and the good charity causes make them stand out from the rest, and the music they bring isn’t secondary, either.. 🙂
Credits: Camera Op and Editing – Dan Plum, Animation – Victor Savelle, Aaron Bataluer, Host – Chris Aurelius, Featuring – MC Agez, Dioptrics


  1. Abducted Records

    Much love!

  2. <3 Abducted!!!

  3. Nice interview! Big up! I.Dot

  4. dude huge interview! anyway someone know the ids for these tracks??

  5. Yes, these songs were from the Abducted Records Soundcloud page under DCC (Dubstep Cures Cancer)

  6. mc agez is da homie

  7. That’s my cousin Jon that Kat is a kick ass Kat

  8. Thats my dogg mc agez rippin it up

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