LES GROOVES’ Debut Album Available NOW

A passionate and creatively diverse album that seeks to redefine electronic dance music.

lesgroovesAfter over a decade of serving up progressive house music to top DJs under his “Hibernate” moniker, Joseph Borg is back under the alias LES GROOVES with a surprisingly unique sound. The veteran producer drifts away from convention with a new album containing sounds ranging from Nu Disco to cinematic – down-tempo to electro-inspired pop.

This album could very well be one of the most original EDM productions to come out of Canada in a very long time. Created in Montreal, Canada, by Joseph Borg, LES GROOVES will be released by Alpha Milk Recordings and will be available through major online outlets such as Beatport, iTunes, Amazon, Juno, to name a few.

In terms of “feel” and genre, the collection features 8 drastically different songs – an unusual feat in the world of modern day E.D.M. Lovers of cinematic music will enjoy the epic emotion of ‘Smooth Ride’ and ‘Coming’, each constructed upon slow-grooving break-beats and juxtaposed with layers of evolving, organic, analog sound. House and electro fans are sure to find a home in the funky, hard hitting melodies of ‘Le Burlinage’ and ‘Sexy Bitch’, both of which would make for a crowd pleasing switch-up in any club setting.

While Les Grooves’ sound does not fit squarely into any one category, true lovers of sound design will greatly appreciate the top-notch production and stylish nods to various genres of dance music. ‘Paradise’ – the album’s foray into a retro ‘80s sound – demonstrates LES GROOVES’s versatility and will be sure to please all those who secretly long for the days of Miami Vice tom toms, Ferrari GTOs and over-the-top “bangy” perms.

Alpha Milk“I don’t want to just make another bunch of club anthems here. I have been there already, and although I think I will do more of that in the future, this time I really wanted to shed any kind of template. Experiments like these are what contributes to an artist’s growth and teaches us how to incorporate new elements into future projects.” – Joseph Borg

“Surviving in the world of electronic music production often means doing what everyone else is doing, at least to some degree. Every once in a while you have to forget that and just do what you want to do, regardless of the consequences. I consider that a different type of survival — it is the survival of your “artist self”.”

Always concerned about the survival of his inner artist, Borg even made the choice to forsake his home town of Toronto in favor of the artistically nurturing environment of Montreal. As a token of gratitude, he even added a French element to the name of his newest project.

“I have always felt that Toronto was kind of suffocating me,” says Borg. “There seems to be this air of coldness everywhere you go and with everyone you meet. As a person whose life revolves around creativity I can attest to the fact that an open minded environment is paramount. Montreal offers me this and is always a constant source of inspiration for me. I love it here so much I just had to call myself LES GROOVES in honor of the Quebecois people, who always amaze me with their open-heartedness and genuine demeanor.”

Montreal has always been home to an endless array of talents in all genres of music, and this brand new release is no exception. Created in a factory warehouse in the center of the beautiful island city, the release will be a welcome addition to the city’s great history of high quality music.

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