Kissy Sell Out on Pioneer DJ Sounds Show

Due to public demand following our clip of him playing at Spectrum at the Ewer Street Car Park in London, Kissy Sell Out joins Dan Tait on a special midnight edition of the DJsounds Show.

Playing off two CDJ-2000s, two CDJ-1000s and a mixer Kissy had not played on before – the DJM-2000, he effortlessly mashes it up over the four decks.


  1. Alejandro Lezcano

    Excelente set!

  2. Töre Çağrı Uyar

    Very fast changing mix. Liked it!

  3. killer music selection + funky humor = kissy sell out

  4. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. you mean better than House Brothers ?? 😉

  6. u would think those little hands would of streched with as fast as he is

  7. The XX – Crystalised 😉

  8. антон андреев

    1st track only good , from the all……….i don’t have enaf words

  9. Da’ wildest set i’ve ever seen xD !

  10. Damn Crazy!!!!!

  11. Best

  12. Bender Rodriguez


  13. 17: 45 *_____________*

  14. Mad skills!

  15. 4 u my bro

  16. Sweet Mother of GOD !!!!

  17. Reaally Good

  18. WoW great mix!!!!

  19. song at 05:14?

  20. BRAZZER !!

  21. i love this mix, bcs its quick mixed and hot/cold sound switch.. hot, cold, hot cold etc…..

  22. well kissy is real dj.. fuck david guetta.. lol 😀

  23. TRACKLIST!!!!

  24. after you realize how nervous he was while mixing you could almost pin point each mistake that was made overall the dude messing up or not hes an amazing dj and producer

  25. GREAT :p

  26. When JESUS CHRIST comes in His glory, and all the angels with Him, HE will sit on His glorious throne. OPEN YOUR HEART TO JESUS CHRIST !

  27. MASTER OF DEKS!!!!!

  28. Kissy Sellout. That’s a name for ya’ and this is a mix! He’s a great dj.

  29. what song is at 9:01?

  30. the xx – crystalized

  31. BRAZZERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. H*ly shitt, this mix is the best! Creative and full of energy. You sure know how your way around these equipment! Kudo’s sir, inspiring stuff 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  33. Hay,I’m a german HouseMusic producer, and it would makes me happy, if you could take a look at my Songs.Thx

  34. I hear Africa. New favorite!

  35. What XX remix is that? anybody know?!

  36. wow!!!!!

  37. Dan Tait just gives me one hell of a weird vibe….

  38. Nicola Kopij Zanin

    Kissy master of decks!

  39. You can awlyas tell an expert! Thanks for contributing.

  40. Whoa this dude kills those decks lol never heard of him b4

  41. 41 dislikes!!!what a bunch of fucking morons. the coolest dj set ever.Greetings from polish dj and kissy fun .KEEP IT THAT WAY.

  42. 16.34 what’s the song?

  43. 6:25 song?

  44. GameradarRedaktion

    Awesome set, awesome skills. Props!

  45. at some point the mixer just gave it up 😀

  46. Jordyn Hargreaves

    The Squatters – Higher

  47. thanks! 🙂

  48. What is the very last song. The classical music track ?

  49. ashleycorbett7

    Kissy u ledge

  50. ♥♥♥♥Dirty New Shit♥♥♥♥


  51. It wasn’t the mixer…the RCA cable slipped out or moved out of place from the back of the CD1000 on the left…

  52. A Dj ma sen n play most of this stuff but when 20:02 happens, oohhh maa dayz, back to when a was 15 and flashing the fake ID to get in linguards and fuckin wow! i love house x

  53. 18:43
    song name please!!

  54. 24:20

    song name please!
    sorry to keep asking for favor 🙂

  55. Dan Tate blatantly has a couple of bodies in his basement, he’s such a weirdo, dont deny it Dan! u can’t deny anything when st.kisstopher is on the decks

  56. track list plz ^^

  57. track name at @9:00?

  58. The xx – Crystalized

  59. Track list plz c:

  60. Nice to see a modern DJ with actual technical skills.

  61. It’s a pleasure to watch this man work.

  62. this is performiing

  63. you don’t have to like the music, but man, he got some serious skills!

  64. I love his energy and the way he mixes so elegantly, another inspiration to my list. technical skills is most definitely needed. Practice makes perfect!! Love the set! Shout out from South Africa!!

  65. I can do moves from 0:00 till 4:50 ^^

  66. totally agree with you…

  67. D.I.M. & Tai – Ion 10:55

  68. 12:04 kissy like’s porn on brazzers website *______*

  69. ilovepancakeswithjam

    who dosent

  70. This ish is hard ¡


  72. U. R. GOD

  73. chequen el minuto 21:54 se la rifo hay

  74. 333333

  75. 4333

  76. Amazing

  77. song by 11:05 ????

  78. eso si es un dj por dios

  79. Zoltán Jámbor


  80. gingergrasshopper852

    Nice to see a DJ that does what a DJ should, actually mix really well, people like Avicii and Guetta are okay, but their changes are too sudden and out of the rythim, Guetta’s set at Ultra this year was just AWFUL the changes just didn’t work at all, Kissy Sell Out uses great mixing skills, must have taken years of practice.

  81. I don’t like a lot of the tracks he used, although i do respect what he does. Taste is something personal but you can’t argue about how a great dj he is.

  82. track ID before the mix begins? Track in the background? Big heads up to anyone who can identify, cool choon!

  83. He’s totally not rolling his balls off.

  84. MONSTER SET !!!

  85. @gingergrasshopper852 “Guetta’s set at Ultra this year was just AWFUL the changes just didn’t work at all” r u for real ? we must have listened to differents sets than, ’cause guettas’s set sound nothing but amazing to me, i couldn’t stay sit while i was listening to it. And Avicii is ok? Im not a huge fan of him, but come on, just ok? just that ? please, tell me, who do you consider a really good dj and a good producer? – dont take it as an offense please, i just wanna try to see ur point 🙂

  86. Guilherme Garcia

    05:03 Name, Please ? ._.
    Brasil 😀

  87. Michael Begley

    Track list Please?

  88. Natalia Alicja Kowal

    dobre dobre rece latajaa

  89. The track starting at 06:25 is The Squatters – Higher (Original Mix), I think everthing before is just random samples and tunes 🙂

  90. tracklist: (part 1)
    06:25 The Squatters – Higher (Original Mix)
    07:07 unknown
    08:18 Jammin – Go DJ
    09:01 The XX – Crystalised
    10:55 D.I.M & Tai – Ion
    12:07 Dillon Francis & Dave Nada – Brazzer’s Theme
    13:16 Drums of Death – All These Plans (DoD’s Falling Down Dub)
    14:27 Unknown
    14:55 The Notorious B.I.G. – Juicy
    15:52 Marc Ballum – To the Dancefloor
    17:03 Toto – Africa (with a drum sample from a different song)
    17:46 unknown

  91. tracklist: (part 2)
    19:32 Trevor Loveys – Organ Grinder (The Count aka Hervés Big B Morgan Remix)
    20:15 187 Lockdown – Kung Fu
    20:58 AC Slater & Xaphoon Jones – Believe Me (Botnek Remix)
    22:50 Simple Minds – Alive And Kicking
    23:48 Richard Dolby – The Anonymous Track
    24:17 Unkown

  92. I’m a vivid follower of most dj’s this it truly a skill and a master at his work! Never seen anything like this, set such a high standard. I’d love to be a DJ myself. Finding myself at this level would be a dream come true!

  93. my favourite ever set

  94. what is the song called at 10:56 ???? Please ?


  96. OH SHIT A DJ

  97. Very energy , nice dj set

  98. tnx from the numbers in mixing here on a fk bad mixer

  99. yess
    pioneer is the best part

  100. Did he ever release a kissy club remix of The XX – Crystalised?

  101. Whoa be fair now. You’re comparing a youtube set, to a huge edm festival set. DJs dont do live improv stuff like this at big events. They just play the big tracks people want to hear and spice it up a bit, and avoid any stuff ups. Really ppl are just there to have fun and enjoy music. Where as on youtube, its much more appropriate and entertaining to actually watch an artist freestyle like this. And THIS is bloody impressive.

  102. BEAST.

  103. Wtf this set would work perfectly for a EDM fest it’s very energetic and positive

  104. whattt a dj!

  105. that level i’ll spend my whole life trying to reach

  106. dat red….

  107. The Classical Music mixing is so Epic.

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  109. adrian dominguez

    his transitions are horrid.
    the mix starts getting good, then every time. rough as fuck cut to the main track.

  110. risky moves but works well

  111. Naughty, naughty Kissy!

  112. rocstarskinnyjeans

    Super Crazy Mix!!!

  113. Can u do trade list

  114. that fail at 20:55 ahhaha and he work it out good on end 😀

  115. I know this is not true, but the way he moves.. It looks like the video is
    sped up.

  116. Martijn Rubbrecht

    One of the best mixes on DJ Sounds show!

  117. Tracklist for this show would love to know what track is playing 7:45 ?

  118. His skills are really good I praise you, very good

  119. I like the way the handle touches the button

  120. Rodolfo Padilla

    such a good mix!

  121. Kissy and LBL they are the masters of DJ SOUNDS !

  122. nice mix. would love to have some skills like this 😀

  123. Fuck this is madness! legend!

  124. I like the tunes 🙂

  125. without a doubt THE best mix on DJsounds

  126. without a doubt THE best mix on DJsounds

  127. Martin Garrix & Hardwell Take The Note :v Mush Respect Mr +Kissy Sell Out

  128. pee pee boner

  129. Patrik Jakobsson

    This is very enjoyable but one question, why is the lights at the red? Like
    every Dj know thats not good?

  130. 9:10 song
    Please !!! 🙁

  131. Gay level: 100%.

  132. Remco Peggeman

    Still listening to this set regurarly, freaking amazing

  133. Dieses interessante Video habe ich auf YouTube gefunden:

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