IRON D.J. – DJ Competition

IRON DJ May 17th

The most intuitive DJ competition in Vegas continues to the final rounds!
Presenting the competition of DJs with a twist – IRON DJ!

This original idea – to put REAL DJs to the test – involves a good set of rules to make sure the audience can judge skills reliably. Here’s the scoop:
We got 4 competitors (this time 4 finalists), they are given 30 minutes (this time, for the finals – 45 mins) to perform a set of their own styles, that must include the given two ingredients (for the finals, more than two *evil laugh*) and entertain the crowd and convince them for the win! There are no set judge panels, the crowd decides all, based on an accurate voting system.
There has been 4 competitions so far, each with 4 DJs competing, this time finalists are up to destroy each other with musical harmony and pure skill!

DJ Munkey
The Impostor
Insane Rabbi
Victor Savelle

All of the competitors have prepared and given %150, these sets will be creative gems that is to be saved for the audience, so they will be professionally recorded.

These are the final rounds of IRON D.J.! We had 14 DJs competing in the first four rounds, it has come down to the best of 4! Let’s be a part of it together! The event starts at 10:30pm this Friday, seating is plenty but may be limited due to high demand.
May the best DJ win! Prep up!

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