Interview with The Darksiderz

We had the opportunity to experience a set performance by the Darksiderz, a hardstyle group of Hard Dance Nation. This time around they were performing at Sounds of the Underground in Las Vegas and EDM Nightlife had a chance to interview this fantastic group already booked for EDC 2012.
Credits: Camera Op and Editing – Dan Plum, Victor Savelle, Animation – Victor Savelle, Aaron Bataluer, Host – Chris Aurelius, Music: The Darksiderz – 2 Late, Featuring – The Darksiderz, Special Thanks: Corson Agency and Sounds of the Underground


  1. Ashraful Hoque Bhuiyan
  2. check out my new tracks 😀

  3. i didnt know spear was such a good public speaker and he looks decent on camera too!

  4. traviswalton1234

    Lol you have no Idea what you are even talking about. You are speculating and have no real facts. You are just mad cause it isn’t you on stage. I am just laughing at all you haters that don’t like americans coming up in the hardstyle scene.

  5. LolitaLover191

    hehe i cant wait to see them!!!!! going to be crazy

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