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EVO-K – the next generation DJane, Producer & Vocalist hailing from North Italy answered 10 questions from

EVO-KKam aka EVO-K is currently among the first up and coming Electro House/Complextro FEMALE music producers and the very first in Italy. Her answers tell a story of the Italian electro music scene and the way Italians think of the Las Vegas scene. Here is what she had to say: What inspired you to get into electro house?

EVO-K: If you mean Artists, I’d say: Gartner, Roger Sanchez, Deadmau5, Cedric Gervais, Dahlbäck, among others. While if you mean what’s in the genre: well…. its hard & dirty sides of House Music are my passion. The prominent basslines, the short and sharp riffs, the massive leads… pure pleasure to my ears! Please describe the Italian house scene in short…

EVO-K: uhm…. next question please? (lol)

all kidding aside, perhaps I am not the right person to talk about it, as it’s something I don’t hold in high esteem. Italian house scene is too commercial for my liking, I would call it hustler… hackneyed! Lot’s of “big names” always producing the same soup… and in the meanwhile there are underground talents being snubbed. And the sad thing is that it’s exactly what happens in the national pop music scene. As a producer, do you think the new-age equipment helps or spoils an artist?

EVO-K: 100% helps! When used with skills, tastefulness and technique it gives incredibly awesome… new-age results! Does Italy ever talk about the new-born U.S. EDM scene? Does Las Vegas ever come up as a mecca of EDM?

EVO-K: Actually, in Italy most of people still consider Ibiza as a mecca of EDM or alternatively, Miami. I personally consider Vegas having a high potential to become the EDM’s New Mecca, ’cause so many top names such as Tiesto, Kaskade, Afrojack… have there monthly residencies. Certainly, “Ibiza vs Vegas” debate will stay open for a while yet! If I had to choose between the two… Las Vegas 4 sure in my forthcoming calendar events. If you could choose any artist (dead or alive), who would you most like to collaborate with? As a performance and in the studio…

EVO-K: As a performance? Jon Bon Jovi (in his heyday… of course!), that’s what my musician-nature would answer. In the studio, the Master: Wolfgang Gartner. What is your favorite DAW, do you use inboard our outboard gear mostly?

EVO-K: Today, my fav. one is Logic Pro, it’s unquestionably the best for all my purposes. If the world ended today, what would be the last song you would like to listen to?

EVO-K: OMG what a question! Like in a Q & A session, without thinking too much… I would probably say: “Intro” (The XX) Tell us about your most shocking/weirdest gig…. An unusual night in your world

EVO-KEVO-K: At high altitude, in the bleak midwinter… I had a gig planned at an open air event in one of the best Italian ski slopes. It was fu***** cold but full of people.

My brilliant idea was to perform my live act wearing a wetsuit under my clothes, in this way I was sure that I wouldn’t have suffer the cold!!!!

Well, more or less to the third song of my playlist, I was dripping sweat…….. suffice it to say that I could not get away from the console for more than 1 hour!

H E L P !!!! Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

EVO-K: Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger……. (lol)

a handful of co-productions with some intl. top names w/ my pre show at some of their live acts would be a very nice goal! How important is it to have a proper image versus a great sound? Do you think having an image is more important than talent nowadays?

EVO-K: Definitely not! Having an image is NOT more important than a great sound. I think that having a great image without a great sound, brings nothing and certainly does not create a long-lasting artist.

But it’s true (and I fully agree) that to have a proper image, or even better an eye-catching image which goes hand in hand with a talent and a great sound, is undoubtedly the trump card. Thank you EVO-K for your insight. Below is her Soundcloud page.

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