Interview with Dieselboy

In this quick interview with Dieselboy, EDM Nightlife producer Victor Savelle asks him about the difference between European and US EDM scenes, the effect of Skrillex’s success and his take on the difference between inboard and outboard gear.

Credits: Camera Op: Anthony Lopez – Animation: Victor Savelle, Aaron Bataluer – Editing: Victor Savelle – Music: Dieselboy // Mix of Various Artists

An Production
Copyright © 2013


  1. EDM Nightlife Show

    We chat with Dieselboy about his take on the future of DnB, the difference
    between Europe and US, and more..

  2. well i do like skrillex .. but this is probably the biggest compliment ever, “i want to work with skrillex” from dieselboy ..

  3. Cristóbal Vergara

    56567000097342-345TRR CFT

  4. DnB por vida! Love you Dieselboy <3

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