Hungry Producers Killing The DJ?

So, at the current state of our over-saturated EDM producer scene, many aspiring and up-coming artists begin to understand that releases may not be where the money is. Unless you’re signed to a major label with proper distribution and money backing, producing-only may not pay your bills. We’ve all seen the method of cookie-cutter producers and some believe there is a science behind making it in the industry today. In some cases it doesn’t take 10 years of grinding, just have a rich and/or influential friend in the biz. [Insert Examples Here.. Wait.. Too many to name…] 
Royalty Check of Aaron Harris
Royalty Check

So DJs who don’t produce music are rarer than ever while the opposite is getting more common. “Dude, you DJ only? You can’t play here… You’ve been DJing for 15 years professionally? Don’t care, it’s time to produce. Make some tracks.” Hearing this from promoters is not surprising in the the club scene nowadays. Producers who want to get paid more get booked as DJs or Performers. Technology may have made it too easy to play for a crowd. It used to take years and lots of money to get involved, now get a laptop and a controller and you’re “good to go”.

Though the check shown in this article is from a musician not in the electronic music world, the situation looks very similar in our favored genres as well. The formula can look something like this [short version]: Fresh music producer makes tracks [or bootlegs, or remixes, just to say he did it], eventually may get lucky and signs to a label/agency. Management puts him up to play gigs, since they want to make the money too, getting 50% or more off $2.49 tracks is not cutting it. The problem is that sometimes it’s not the artists’ intention to want to perform. It may be purely because of money and the extension of the image. Wrong reasons. Buying hits online is part of manufacturing stardom, a surprisingly small amount of money can do this. Social medial presence is just a couple grand across the board, album sales are recycled funds and boom, representatives can sell you for $10,000/gig instead of $300. “Don’t worry son, this system will do it for you.. See those lines? DJThose are the kicks. Just match them together and you’re good, or push the sync button and jump around…” Oh, it makes me shiver, but I can see that being said, somewhere, somehow…

What if “Robot DJ POTPAL” really takes over? How will the money be made then?

One more thing: If you make good music, congratulations and YES, you should get paid good money for it! PLEASE, if you decide to gig, learn how to do it properly, spend more time on that mixer and less with your hands flailing. What do we really expect? DJs are manufactured now just like mainstream boy bands were (and are). New-found EDM fans may be too young to hear the difference, but we’re here to educate.

By EDM Nightlife Staff Writer

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