Global Groove Network

Global Groove NetworkWhen the first beat drops and the dance floor starts to fill; people will begin to dance as the d-jay takes them on a journey. For one given moment it’s about connection through a communal experience. Welcome to the network; The Global Groove Network. This online experience that you’ve stumbled upon is an extension of a community that has affected me deeply. My name is Courtney James and I’m a fan of music and what it brings to your soul. Music, since I can ever remember, helped shape my identity. When I got introduced to the electronic music scene in the nineties, it changed me forever. This music signified an important time in my life when I was lost and looking for meaning…

EVERYONE IS A DJ IN THEIR OWN LIFE and music provides that soundtrack to our lives that helps to archive those moments we remember for a lifetime. This is why I decided to do this… this is why I decided to make a movie. This documentary, The Global Groove Network, is a look at how the past can reflect the present; how music can shape your identity. This is a story of music in culture and community and how that helped me find my purpose. After six years of traveling the world, meeting some of the most amazing DJ and Producer talent from all walks of life, I’ve finally finished my journey and look forward to sharing this with you as we both reminiscence on what music can mean to each other.

The idea behind the site is to allow you, the audience, to be exposed to the music that inspired the film and meet some of the global talent that gave back and helped inspire this documentary. The global dance community is a special group and with this site and film I dedicate it to you. To everyone else this site is also a place of discovery. Music can be a wonderful thing when it comes to all genres… if dance music is something you’re not sure about then take this opportunity to explore a new genre. The Global Groove Network is about how music shapes you… the power of rhythm and beat is something we can all relate too.

With a production diary, sneak peek videos, podcasts, as well as daily updates on our FB and Twitter links feel free to click away, check out the pages and links, and let us show you how music shapes identity!