Freaky Flow at RINSE LV

RINSE OUT Jun 29th

June 29th 2013, the LV arm of Konkrete Jungle are up to no good again, this time bringing out the one and only “Freaky Flow” from Canada to do what the event title suggest: Rinse! The two-decade bass legend will be in the building at The Underworld to present a proper Bass music party, you have to be there, we need witnesses! EDM Nightlife’s Chris Aurelius follows to ensure proper after-rinse. Also featuring great Vegas locals: Miyuki, Da Ignighta, Tasha, Impostor and Zaiku!

Free entry is always guaranteed, awesome drink prices and vibrating speaker walls included!

Freaky Flow /
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Freaky Flow, originally from Philadelphia, PA, moved with his family to Toronto, ON, before reaching four years of age. He first took a serious interest in music at the age of eleven, mesmerized by soul jazz, garage house, and hiphop. Four years later, he purchased his first set of turntables and started spinning hiphop with his skilled partner, D-Wreck. Through this genre, Freaky learned the basics – scratching, cutting, and mixing – in just that prioritized order.

Jungle, drumandbass, and the underground music culture soon captured his attention; Flow, in turn, transferred his knowledge of hiphop into this new, captivating music. He found that scratching and cutting had unique properties in accompaniment with jungle. Party-going patrons worldwide quickly caught on to this sound. Consequently, Freaky Flow today plays on a regular basis at major events throughout Canada, the US, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, Austria, England, and Slovenia, making him the most booked drumandbass DJ in Canada. Notably, for years, all of Flow’s sets featured lyrical-mastermind, MC Flipside, on the microphone, but with Flipside’s mid-2004 decision to quit touring with Flow and focus on his own stage show and studio work, Flow now finds himself rocking crowds again all on his own, just like back in the day.

The transition from DJ to producer was only logical; Freaky wanted to be throwing down his own dubplates. With several partners, Freaky Flow oversaw the operation of Placebo Recordings (distributed by Stickman Records) between 1996 and 1999. The label led Flow to work with many acclaimed artists, including The Soul Grabber (Aquarius/Stickman), The Rascalz (ViK/BMG), and others. With his extremely busy schedule, however, Flow soon found it impossible to go to school full time, manage the Special Projects department at Stickman Records, DJ across the world, and direct and produce for a record label. Thus, to the dismay of many, Placebo Recordings’ release schedule and Freaky Flow’s studio production both came to an abrupt halt at the end of ‘99. After completing his degree, however, Flow’s return to the studio garnered immediate attention: His remix resume alone includes work for 311 (Volcano/Zomba/BMG), Choclair (Virgin/EMI), Pressure Rise (Aspect), Type One (GFS/Sound Gizmo), and others.

Flow is no stranger to the mix CD, either. The “Obscene Underground – Volume 1” compilation (on Stickman Records) sold over 20,000 units in Canada alone. Freaky Flow’s second CD, aptly entitled “World Domination” (Moonshine Music), was released in May 2001, and surpassed his first disc in sales, hurdling over the 20,000 unit mark, making Freaky Flow the highest CD-selling drumandbass DJ of all time in Canada. A third CD – the first ever live CD that Flow has recorded – entitled “Keep It Live” (Moonshine Music), was released just one year later, with a fourth, “The Envy” (Topaz Records), hitting shelves the following year. A fifth mix CD, “Flashback” (Freaky Flow), dropped in 2004, featuring entirely songs and remixes involving Freaky Flow studio work. Just two years later, Freaky Flow launched his first ever solely-owned label, “Freaky Flow Recordings”, which brought “The Heavy Petters”, his protégé group, to music’s forefront. Most recently, amidst Flow’s relocation to Los Angeles, CA, fans can check out his latest mix CD, “The Furious Factor” (Moist Music), a retrospective mix containing entirely music from the renowned Canadian drumandbass label, Furious Records. And if that’s not enough, fans can watch for brand new online mixes every few months.

Chris Aurelius

Chris Aurelius is a product of the world.  Both his music and his life have been shaped by international experiences and his brand of EDM evokes a complex futuristic sound that can’t be easily categorized.    From the Euro beat that exploded in newly liberated Eastern Europe after the Cold War, to the post-apartheid rise of Kwaito dance music in South African clubs, Aurelius has witnessed first-hand how music can bring people up.   His style of electronic dance music stays true to the heavy percussive core of EDM but mixes in cutting edge synthesizers and beats that are both romantic and futuristic. Speed Garage, Breaks, Electro, Techno and Drum & Bass are just a few sub genres that has influenced and given way for new sounds and ideas to come alive. Chris’s unique sound represents a little piece of each place he has lived and traveled.

When asked where he’s from, his usual answer is “good question.” As the son of a diplomat, he spent his formative years traveling the globe.  Growing up in foreign countries, he found that club music was a great equalizer – he didn’t need to speak a foreign language to blend into the local scene.   Introduced to European electronic dance culture in Kiev, Ukraine in the early 90s, he fell in love with the music that flooded the streets and local clubs and sparked his passion for EDM.  The mid-90s took him to Mozambique and South Africa where he first learned to spin under the influence of Djs in Johannesburg and Durban while finishing up his high school education in boarding school.

An old-school Dj, Aurelius learned hands-on techniques from some of the greatest DJ’s in South Africa and his skills and experience now include beat matching, phrasing, slip-cueing, cutting, beat juggling, scratching, needle drops, phase-shifting and back spinning.  Influenced by BT’s beautiful music composition for both film scores and albums, Underworld and Members of Mayday, particularly Westbam, Chris knew that being a Dj and producer was his life dream. So many artists have made an impact in Chris’s life such as Dj Dan’s and Donald Glaude’s turntablism and energy, Elite Force’s versatility and of course his close friends who share the same love and passion for the music.

Aurelius spent every spare dime he ever had amassing a record collection, experimenting with Dj equipment and perfecting his music craft while living in cities like Kiev, Bucharest, Prague and Durban. Landing in Las Vegas during the commercial boom of the 2000s, Aurelius burst onto the local scene with his unique “Euroclectic” sound and filled up the dance floors of countless night clubs and lounges before landing a 10 year residency at the legendary Drai’s Las Vegas.  His residency outlasted any DJ’s in Las Vegas when it comes to EDM and while many styles of music came and went, Chris’ roots in house music never wavered.

An avid world traveler, he loves to share his passion for music and bring an amazing experience to the dance floor. He has played at venues around the world with some of the finest local and international DJ talent.

The past few years have found Aurelius broadening his music career, expanding into production and video journalism.  His latest projects include The Point Blank Sessions, a series of Dj podcasts with changing themes, as well as working with the EDM Nightlife show, where he hosts, chats and interviews with notable EDM talent.  An enthusiastic interviewer, he enjoys showcasing local talent and broadcasting the Las Vegas EDM scene to a wider audience.

He loves to guest DJ all over the country and world wherever the venue may be.  He can now be seen as a Rotating Resident Dj at Body English Afterhours in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino along with guest spots all around Las Vegas.


  1. hey i like this song : ) lol

  2. Thank you so much for posting this ..its a hard track to find .. lurvez it
    !!! mad memories for sure =)


    93 Til Infinity

  4. Jonathan Wiggins

    man I used to eat gobs of acid, and all i wanted to do was go to the DNB
    room so I could wild out !! WHAAATTT!! Hell yeah!

  5. WOW i use to have this cd and i also had the Ass cd both pretty sick ty for
    posting this up much love

  6. TORONTO !!!

  7. ill track..also love the donkey kong mix and the last 2 or 3 tracks on the
    album just awesome

  8. OK. I fiirst heard this track on Odi’s South Park mixtape. The original is
    a remix of Aaliyah’s Let Me Know: DJ Slip, DJ Slide, Nemesis and Jenna
    Andersen combine as ‘Elements’ who originally produced the D&B version,
    remixed and re-released it 12/7/08 (Vinyl Syndicate). It was released as a
    promo on Jedi Records in 1997 and re-released on Elements Music in 2001by
    Slip n Slide. The Kenny Ken remix was on Jedi in 1999. Please let me know
    if you know where to purchase the original. Thanks.

  9. Wakeupsleepyhead1984

    when this came out there was so much good ecstasy in canada…

  10. i’m in tears right now…haven’t heard this in a dogs yr…soooooo much
    good memories…plur

  11. aaa this song brings me back

  12. Classic….

  13. @BROOKLYNWUTANG3 and beyond i love freaky flow


    It was Freaky Flow, Mastermind, Czech, Stickmen then GAY but I forget who
    it was mixed by.

  15. i caught this CD at a next junction party at the bingohall. boH!

  16. @payne1989 Brep!!!

  17. The drum is excellent!

  18. William Banfield

    yeah toronto for real crossed the border on shrooms to see freaky flow. fucking memories. let me know!!!!!!!!!


  20. I really love the part at 3:10..damn it makes me chill…I think i know one sample from Souls of Mischief – 93 till infinity..! Fuckin love it..!!!!!!

  21. big track, back when shit was good

  22. Man this track brings back some memories of the good ole days Big up Junglist Massive

  23. Tits was my favourite, but I went to go check this on Amazon and it’s like 100 bucks! 🙁

  24. GAY was good…that was the house album by a chick DJ..can’t remember her name. I still have TITS & GAY!!!!

  25. I miss these days. Shit, I miss when Drum N bass was at parties. All dubstep and Electro house bullshit now. BOOOO!

  26. old school sick shit

  27. This song takes me backkkkkkkkk

  28. steven francisco

    just had a flashback wow

  29. does any one know who was the mc on that mix tape

  30. MC Flipside did most of the mc-ing on this compilation however some of the tracks were mixed from their original recording with the mc-ing already layered into the original track recording. I hear Flipside is starting spin out again rather recently in T.O

  31. friendsinthemusicbus

    I remember a friend playing this for me, and I fucking hated it in 1999. Two years later I was at a rave in Kitchener-Waterloo dancing my ass off to this guy. That was a hilarious night, as it was at a university bar (The Rev) and was free, and Freaky came on after last call and all the college kids were like WTF is this shit. priceless looks on people’s faces

  32. BAJEN!

  33. This is fucking gold. I wish I was older when dnb was really popular…

  34. ooooohh the nostalgia hurts…

  35. upanddownaroundtown

    sickkk tune

  36. i had a live recording of them with like 20 songs i cant even find here but these are still good

  37. GO THE DISTANCE the year of PLUR 1997…or was it GO further

  38. mc flipside

  39. WorldTruthSociety

    ahahaha great story! man me i love this song it’s like a child looking back and thinking about his red bicycle

  40. Almost brings a tear to my eyes… Wow

  41. It’s definitely 97 era !!!!

  42. My favorite old school dnb chune

  43. Bang on.. way back play back!!
    Big BIG tune!

  44. I’m rich! (Steve used to run the record pool I was in … a lot of TO DJs etc … we got his first two CDs in the box …)

  45. single handly made me go to my first party

  46. Who did the vocals she has got such a nice voice and angled the track


  48. Love this track! Good memories..:)

  49. Zizka1400 Hussite

    <3 <3 <3

  50. This was my favorite! Philly had a huge scene back in the day, good times
    that made my eyes wiggle.

  51. reminds me of Kanata times and OM, if anyone from Kanata reads this that
    used to hang out at the pit, gimme a shout

  52. Twyla TwinkleToes

    loving this ten years later!

  53. Sexy sexy hey slip oma hold 12” still got ur original love it one love
    rhanks for sharing bruh

  54. Rasmus Ingdahl

    Anyone who knows if this track can be found on Spotify? I know my brother
    found it a while ago, but he lost it :D…

  55. ScrewfacedRenegade

    +Ian David Flipside MC was the one on this CD.

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