DJ Sultan Feat Elephant Man – HIPS SING (Official Music Video)

screenshot of hips sing music videoMusic videos have come a long way since the old days of MTV, a large amount of today’s productions serve as a “must-have view vehicle”. Granted, most songs don’t call for a deep story and it’s perfectly fine to show the artist perform, this was not the case with Hips Sing. First, lets start with – perhaps the most important part of a music video – the music. A genre-clash of Caribbean sounds with drum-heavy Electronic beats is the best way I can describe this song. The composition must be in a major key, lending a positive vibe to the track, especially during the hook. Jamaican reggae fusion recording artist Elephant Man is featured here, his vocals fit perfectly on this type of beat and it’s not only the hook he sings, but all the verses as well. Lyrically, the song unfolds as a story is told, which brings us to the bigger picture: a carefully crafted music video.

Hips Sing screenshotWhere The Song Meets The Visuals

Executive producer DJ Sultan imagined a positive message, fused with flashy performances of diverse ethnic groups. The video cuts between a four-men crew (played by Elephant Man, DJ Sultan, Honorebel and Dee Brown) and four women (played by Jannette Ojeda, Shannon Lee, Carrie Lejjena) finding each other in a night club setting, but the focus quickly becomes a “nerdy girl” (played by Arianna Rozen) who just can’t seem to dance like the others. Dancing parts are visually enhanced by music notes floating out of the hips of each dancer, but our nerdy main character can’t quite get the moves down, her hips only fumble a couple weak notes. As the song winds up into a big finale after the dance break, our main character finds herself in the middle of the dance floor, frustrated about the lack of her ability, covering her eyes and finally putting herself out there. The message here is: believe in yourself and you can be who you want to be. The video is a professional production, but does not take itself too seriously. Director Ethan Rains does great justice to introducing and maintaining the story line all the way to the end, from the portrayal of frustration to the climax. The scenes and cinematic sequences make this video look like a Hollywood production, thanks to DP Ali Matin (Aria Films) and the editing and special effects of Victor Savelle(VSGFX, Inc.) tie it all together.

Hips Don’t Sing Without Dancers

DJ Sultan Feat Elephant Man - Hips Sing CoverAnother highlight in this music video is the dance performances, and there is plenty of it! The Fiyah Fit / Lady Sol trio deliver smooth moves, especially around the cars with Elephant Man. The Puzzle League perform hip hop very-much-so in sync, their choreography stands out as dance moves tell a story. I could see a great stage performance at live shows featuring this crew. There was another group involved: Samba 1 Chicago, fully costumed dancers with amazing samba moves, who unfortunately did not make it into the final music video, but will surely see their feature soon as well. There was an emphasis on showing dance performances in this video, and from the break dancing to the group dances in sync, the energy is there. There is never a dull moment in this video, and the ending is flat-out brilliant. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil it.
In conclusion, Hips Sing is a work of art. A careful musical fusion of Caribbean and Electronic packed full of energetic moves, beautiful imagery and an uplifting, inspiring story. Of course, no project comes without sacrifice, and DJ Sultan’s long time effort to finish this project surely won’t go unnoticed. Billboard chart at No.7, this is only the beginning for this up-and-coming producer! Check him out on the links below, and keep it locked to EDM Nightlife for more DJ Sultan, and a future post with several EDM remixes.

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Music Video Credits:
Director – Ethan Rains
DP – Aria Films / Ali Matin
AC / Lighting – Jonathan Lopez
Featuring: Honorebel, Samba 1 Chicago, The Puzzle League, Fiyah Fit / Lady Sol Dancers, Arianna Rozen, Jannette Ojeda, Shannon Lee, Carrie Lejjena, Dee Brown
Editing / Special Effects – Victor Savelle / VSGFX, Inc.
Grip – Dustin Bradley
Gaffer – Will Ekpo
Lighting – Jeet Pithadia
Photography – Chris Leludis
Producer – Kaz Motlagh, Jon Junaid
Executive Producers – DJ Sultan, Pareesa Farazandeh
Special Thanks:, Joy District Chicago, SultanSounds

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