• A Chat With Victor Drai

    A Chat With Victor Drai

    Victor Drai talks to Victor Drai has big plans in the works for Las Vegas nightlife. Club “Drai’s” has been a game changer for 15 years, inspiring other clubs to fit the afterhours model and bring EDM as the main music concept. We asked him about these plans and they are plenty! Bill’s Gambling Hall is closed for the […]

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  • Jose 2 Hype – Extended Interview

    Jose 2 Hype – Extended Interview

    Jose 2 Hype Extended Interview has a chat with Jose 2 Hype in his studio. This Las Vegas heavy hitter DJ opened as first resident of the legendary Studio 54 and has an amazing track record in Vegas alone. Hosted By DJ: Chris Aurelius, Jose 2 Hype talks about his experiences in the Vegas EDM scene since 1992, the […]

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  • Kenneth Thomas Interview – ITV Network

    Kenneth Thomas Interview – ITV Network Kenneth Thomas Interview ITV EDM Nightlife presents a great Kenneth Thomas Interview ITV style, followed by a DJ set! Kenneth Thomas on the web: Kenneth Thomas on Facebook: Kenneth Thomas is without doubt one of the most promising young DJs in the electronic scene right now. There’s an intelligence and a well defined style to his sets. He’s quickly […]

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  • Interview with Darin Epsilon – ITV Network

    Interview with Darin Epsilon – ITV Network   Our partners at ITV Network conduct a live phone interview with Darin Epsilon, owner of Perspectives Digital Label and true progressive DJ. Darin talks to Bruce of ITV about his record label, his White Wonderland (Insomniac) performance, a new tour in the makes and gears of production that he prefers.  Internationally acclaimed DJ, producer, radio host, and label owner Darin Epsilon is […]

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  • Interview with DJ Dan

    Interview with DJ Dan

    DJ Dan is a true pioneer in the world of Electronic Dance Music for over two decades. Chris Aurelius had a chance to chat with him before his performance at Artisan Las Vegas on December 30th, 2012. He shares his insight into the scene now vs. then, we ask him about the infamous “magic hat”, talk production and more. Check […]

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  • Interview with Fonkah Ft. MC Ridda & Subliminal

    Interview with Fonkah Ft. MC Ridda & Subliminal

    EDM Nightlife chats with Fonkah, talented bass music producer/DJ from San Diego alongside MC Ridda and Subliminal. The trio performed at Downtown Throwdown Vol. 5 by Frequency events, Hyper Audio and Loose Cannon Promotions. Chris asked them about their opinion of Las Vegas and some hints about music production. Featuring: Fonkah – Schedule One Media Special Thanks to Gray […]

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  • Frankie Bones Interview

    Frankie Bones Interview

    In this twenty-two minute history lesson, legendary DJ Frankie Bones expands on his influences, the origins of the US Electronic Dance Music scene, his experience of 20+ years as a DJ and much more. Learn how House and Techno really started, how he coined the infamous term PLUR, his unique way of self promotion and how he made it as […]

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  • Interview with DJ BL3ND

    Interview with DJ BL3ND

    DJ BL3ND talks about how he got influenced into EDM, if he is planning to produce, Bambu Jessica asks questions that fans wanted to know about. Credits: Camera Op – Dan Plum, Editing – Dan Plum, Animation – Aaron Bataluer, Victor Savelle, Music by various artists, Featuring – DJ BL3ND

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  • Angerfist Interview

    Angerfist Interview

    We had a chat with Danny aka Angerfist after his latest Las Vegas performance at Sounds Of The Underground in September 2012. Our host – Chris Aurelius – has him talking about big hardcore parties in Holland and his take on playing the genre on the Las Vegas Strip among other interesting topics. Note: DJ Angerfist had an MC with […]

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  • Interview with Morgan Page

    Interview with Morgan Page

    Jelli 96.7 and EDM Nightlife work together to bring you this exciting interview with the legendary Morgan Page, who talks about his residency at XS, his new single Body Work and much, much more. Credits: In cooperation with Jelli 96.7 – Audio recording and editing by – EDM Nightlife, Hostess – Bambu Jessica, Featuring – Morgan Page

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