Angerfist Interview

We had a chat with Danny aka Angerfist after his latest Las Vegas performance at Sounds Of The Underground in September 2012. Our host – Chris Aurelius – has him talking about big hardcore parties in Holland and his take on playing the genre on the Las Vegas Strip among other interesting topics.

Note: DJ Angerfist had an MC with him during the performance, Chris mentions a “Duo” meaning the MC + Angerfist

Masters Elite – Tied by Sound (OFFICIAL SYNDICATE 2012 ANTHEM) can be found here:…

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North American Management: Corson Agency in Cooperation with Most Wanted

Tour Operator: Hard Dance Nation

Record Label: Masters of Hardcore

Angerfist performed at Sounds Of The Underground in partnership with Hard Dance Nation. SOTU is the premier and longest running electronic playground of Las Vegas. Check them out here:
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An Production. Copyright (c) EDM Nightlife 2012 All Rights Reserved
Credits: Host – Chris Aurelius / Camera Ops – Dan Plum, Victor Savelle / Editing – Dan Plum / Animation/FX – Victor Savelle / Music – Angerfist & Miss K8 – Bloodrush


  1. whats the song that ays at around 4:08?

  2. Angerfist & Lady K8 – Bloodrush

  3. Angerfist bringing real hardcore! im tired of hearing electro house,
    dubstep, ukhardcore. FUCK PLUR! LETS MOSH!!!!!!!

  4. Angerfist Angerfist…. the best… Hardcore siempre ..

  5. Dan is right, I don’t think the U.S is ready for the harder styles..maybe
    hardstyle but not hardcore or terror…I know this because I am from the
    U.S and I’ve been listening to top names and underground of the scene so I
    pretty much consider myself a gabber..angerfist…always gets the crowd
    moving, no matter where they are

  6. TheAngerfistHardcore

    Well he asked me if I thought hardcore would appear on the Vegas strip
    anytime soon, which I think is very unlikely. But the tour is actually
    doing really good. There are several cities where we got some pretty big
    crowds. It’s not like Europe or anything, but I’m happy to see the turnout
    on some of the gigs. There can be a future for hardcore in America, just
    one step at a time :))

  7. Angerfist – Hardcore – Holland.

  8. I am so happy that i live in holland

  9. @TheAngerfistHardcore well I’m glad its turning out well for you guys, I
    was actually at atlantis goin crazy..even got on stage and did some
    hakkuh…your right about one thing, it’s nothing like the
    thing about you guys is you know how to party…cant wait till I see what
    hardcore is really all about, from it’s core..just know that the U.S does
    have some TRUE gabbers, and appreciate hardcore as much as they do in the

  10. omg you lucky fucker angerfist himself replied to you 🙁

  11. They*

  12. TheAngerfistHardcore

    Very good guys. Keep it going!! :))



    LOL what Danny said was true! “This music is not for everybody.” xD


    By the way if hardcore spreads over to the U.S. I hope people don’t start
    ruining it….

  16. Angerfist!!! Best hardcore dj in the world! number 39? for me he’s number

  17. OutKastedRebel X

    I’d would shit myself if you came to Nashville TN because I would be the only guy smart enough to show up. I LOVE THIS SHIT MAN Y’ALL FUCKING ROCK.

  18. Angerfist do you speak french ?
    Because my friends say me to you are french

  19. Yo xXHylerXx ,, angerfist is dutch, hes not french. Angerfist is the best!

  20. Lang leve hardcore

  21. Who is the forever alone who disliked?

  22. i’m sad because i don’t live in Holland 🙁

  23. thank god for that.
    hope hardcore stays like it is now

  24. Its HARDCORE not hardstyle.

  25. Angerfist is fucking right. At the moment, people want clean, slow house/dubstep/electro music in clubs. Its impossible for the majority to enjoy Hardcore in clubs. And thats good, I want it to stay at small gigs/raves internationally but still huge as fuck in Germany/Holland/Italy/Belgium. Please Hardcore do not go mainstream.

  26. X.RobbyOwnage.X GAATJENIKSAAN

    je merkt o dat die kerel nederlands is holland!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Yeahh, onze Angerfist ^.^

  28. who the hell cares?

  29. angerfist the best !!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. It’s amazing how nice all the hardcore/gabber dj’s are despite the type of music they play.

  31. It’s definitely great to find out how cool these guys are that not only do the DJs make sick music but they’re also and seem like they’re awesome to hang out with. I listen to metal as well and it’s the same with musicians as well as us fans. For example, the singer of death metal band Cannibal Corpse sings about killing, murdering, rape, etc., but he’s a regular dude. He’s nerdy, way into pc games and World of Warcraft, but generally nice guy.

  32. Jongens over 5 jaar lopen amerikanen ook met air max en petjes gabber word helemaal overgenome hahaha

  33. i envy u

  34. ahahahaha heftig als dat echt gaat gebeuren.

  35. 0:57 danny messeling?

  36. syndicate german dortmund yeah deutschland hat immer noch die besten festivals die festivals in america sind shit

  37. damn it i wish i lived in vegas i love Hard dance music and its hard to find events in colorado with any type of hard dance music… they only have electro and house events here!

  38. @Makdub that’s Hardcore bro, it’s even more intense

  39. The interviewer sounds rather… homosexual.

  40. Giannis Kassotakis

    Come to Greece….soon…

  41. Spook van Angerfist kwam laatst op radio 538

  42. Jongens over 5 jaar lopen amerikanen ook met air max en petjes gabber word helemaal overgenome hahaha

  43. come to europe, we have parties like this everywhere, i live in england so i can hop on a plane for as little as £35 and go to a massive hardcore festival, all this for under £100 😉

  44. Rolof van den Hof

    serieus? 😮 whoa

  45. EDM Nightlife Show

    EDM Nightlife out of Las Vegas chiming in, representing the Vegas EDM
    scene! We love So-Cal! 🙂

  46. Victor Savelle

    Hey everyone 🙂 We’re an online journalism group at I’d
    like to share with you an interesting interview with Angerfist of the
    Netherlands, if you are a fan of hardcore.. We got lots more where this
    came from 🙂

  47. LOL same stuff here dude, I also listen to Hardcore and Metal/Death Metal as well, I relally hope that one day there’ll be a prjocet and something between death metal and gabber lol. I wonder how it’d sound.

  48. There have been some bands to utilize gabber in metal and remix songs with hardcore but the only one I can think to fully implement it in songs were The Berzerker. One of the guys in Berzerker was a hardcore dj so The Berzerker is basically grindcore/death metal but the kick drum sounds like a gabber kick. Just youtube “The berzerker dissimulate” and you’ll see. Pretty awesome crazy stuff. I think some of Fear Factory’s electronic remixes had some industrial/hardcore sounds.

  49. what is the name of this song in background

  50. let me know i u find out! thx

  51. Nevermind, its “Bloodrush”

    Greetings from Holland

  52. Volgens mij is dit danny niet eens zelf

  53. max Schlüter

    LOL he is black

  54. beter gaat hardcore niet te mainstream!!!!!!

  55. he is too mainstream, if you want topclass hardcore listen to the outside agency……. thats like 800 years more experience than this fake dude with a mask … like its deadmau5 hardcore :S
    In the past he made strong tracks, today its just overhyped and it sounds like kiddies hardcore


    i always been a huge fan of angerfist i love his stuff he makes its so hard and the best music i herd in my life keep makeing that awesome amazing stuff danny much love from me too you <3

  57. Angerfist is so cool and chill in real life, he even remebers the fans who travel a long way to see him

  58. he is different from his music very aggressive music chill demeanor O_o

  59. TheEliminatormusic

    Jawel hoor is hem echt

  60. The Legend! LOVE Angerfist! From Scotland!

  61. MaikelMillionaire

    The Berzerker OMG! Hahah those guys are wicked, I remember I listen to those guys 4 years ago ^^

  62. RebelOfDominator

    im glad Hardcore still isnt that ”popular”
    look at the track Year of summer -.-
    it ruined the hardstyle scene :/ now you have all these wannabe’s who listen too hardstyle :/ but like i said i hope it doesnt happen too hardcore.

  63. haha hoop et niet 😛

  64. spook is niet eens van angerfist, heeft ie zelf gezegd, is een mix van 3 liedjes in 1

  65. What os thé song at thé beginnig ?

  66. angerfis for life

  67. Sond is angerfist – bloodrush

  68. +xXHyllerXx Angerfist is Dutch. In other words he’s from the Netherlands
    like a lot of good hardcore dj’s. Saw them yesterday =D

  69. He seems like a pretty chill guy for someone whose music is so intense.

  70. Hardcore Power

    wow endlich gibt er zu das seine mucke mainstream ist -.-

  71. I vote Angerfist !

  72. Pennywise The Dancing Clown

    Best Hardcore Dj ever and Needs to be on #1 of dj’s just love Angerfist

  73. I’ve been very fond of hardstyle and raw style and one of Angerfist’s songs
    was in a vine and I was blown away by the intensity of the kick. Mad props
    to angerfist with their original sound

  74. delano abbondante

    He sounds like tiesto lol

  75. I am Groot

  76. You have really become an inspiration for me. Your music is amazing and I
    hope you never stop making it. I love the aggression in all of your songs
    keep it up and I hope to see you perform live soon!

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